The Practicality and Charm That Towel Warmers Add Up to Your Bathrooms

The Practicality and Charm That Towel Warmers Add Up to Your Bathrooms


Towel Warmers Basically, towel warmers help to provide warm towels for everyday use after bathing or showering. However, there are a handful of other important uses for these valuable bathroom items. These devices are also good at drying hand-washable accessories and items, bathing suits, and damp jackets or coats, mittens and other winter season gear. Aside from helping dry your valuable items, these also help to eradicate viruses and mildew from your clothing accessories. These however, are not designed to serve as room heaters, but they could do their part in reducing damp conditions also, especially in poorly-ventilated bath areas.

Different Models to choose From: It's a given fact that most homeowners buy towel warmers based on aspects like comfort and design or style. As these items give your bathroom a more appealing look, you may opt to have them installed either wall-mounted, free standing or on the bath area floor. Homeowners may now be able to view a wide array of towel warmer products, with each having its own unique configuration and style patterns. There are electric towel warmers that have different installation options: Buyers may wish to simply plug an electric warmer into a nearby power outlet, or they could have them hardwired. Hardwiring is a process that involves wiring a towel warmer direct to the house's electric wiring system. To do this safely however, it would be best if you hire a licensed technician or electrician for proper installation. The other towel warmer designs to choose from include floor-mounted, wall-mounted, chrome-plated, brass-plated, metallic and steel-type warmers.

Benefits of Having these At Home: Just like it's called, these bathroom tools give your towel and other clothing accessories a more comfortable, warm and gentle feel. However, you need to know that the items warmed on this equipment may necessarily not give a really hot feel, much like having a piece of cloth straight out of a dryer. It generally gives your clothing, towel, glove or baby wear a reassuring, comforting-type heat, which is gentle and not the scalding or blistering sensation. This is one reason why these items are the preferred choice for warming beddings, baby blankets and related clothing.

Purchase Tips and Product Options: In getting the best warmer for your home, consider the devices' colour, size and style. You may opt for those who have microwave oven designs, or buy high-tech looking ones. You may also select from a wide range of colours; it could come in black, silver, white, brown or gold. The prices however may vary, depending on how upscale the brand name is, or how the retailer wishes to mark up the price. For first-time buyers, it helps to first find out what types of materials were used in manufacturing a certain brand or product. It won't help if you simply buy one because it's so cheaply-priced, as the really cheap ones may come equipped with substandard, low-quality materials. Also choose the ones that have simple, easy-to-operate controls and manuals. Lastly, check out if the company manufacturing a specific brand complies with standard government safety regulations, and the ones who pass quality control usually have the required stickers and marks on them.

Aside from the positive features mentioned earlier, it's true that these towel warmers help the environment as well. Green advocates argue that a conventional towel warmer uses less energy, and is a vital accessory for reducing your monthly electricity bills, since they only eat up around 10% of the total wattage of a standard clothes dryer. There are also a number of eco-friendly and energy-efficient models, which also aid in reducing harmful CO2 emissions.


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